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Karen Watson is a highly qualified Counsellor based in Liss, offering her expertise in Counselling. With a rich background in providing therapeutic support, Karen has worked within the NHS, on University Campuses, and is currently engaged in private practice in Easebourne near Midhurst, with a special focus on serving the community in Liss.
Recognising the difficulty individuals face in taking the initial step to contact a therapist, Karen empathetically understands the apprehension. It often stems from a fear of delving into past challenges that may be shaping present behaviour patterns. Her approach is rooted in creating a safe and supportive environment for clients to explore and navigate these complexities.

Karen specialises in addressing a diverse range of issues, including addiction, alcoholism, pornography, gambling, neglect, abuse, loneliness, parent-child relationships, friendship difficulties, depression, anxiety, panic, PTSD, and sexual abuse. These challenges can significantly impact one’s life, sometimes leading to depression or anxiety, even if the individual isn’t fully aware of it.

Psychotherapy with Karen goes beyond surface-level discussions; it provides a profound and non-judgemental space for clients in Liss to delve into the root causes of destructive behaviour patterns. Through this therapeutic exploration, individuals can gain valuable insights into their experiences, fostering positive change and paving the way towards a more fulfilling life.

Karen’s commitment to her clients in Liss extends to creating a tailored and holistic approach to each person’s unique needs. Whether you’re navigating addiction, struggling with relationships, or dealing with the aftermath of trauma, Karen Watson offers compassionate and professional support on the journey towards healing and personal growth.

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